Investment Climate Reform Unit (ICRU) was established under the Jobs & Competiveness program, a collaboration between the Punjab Government and the World Bank Group, to lead, implement and coordinate interventions for improving investment climate in the Punjab.

The essential role of the ICRU is to coordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of the process of legislative, regulatory, procedural and institutional reform. The Unit is also envisaged to play a major role in the research, data collection and analysis which will be required to identify areas in which beneficial reforms could be undertaken and achieved. Furthermore, The Investment Climate Reform Unit (ICRU) aims to tackle more systematically the Provincial stock and flow of business regulations.

It is pertinent to note that the ICRU does not normally play a direct role in the actual reform of legislation, regulation or procedures. Rather, it acts as a clearing house, coordination point and information facility and manages the overall process of reform, effecting changes by employing consultants, working with and providing assistance to relevant agencies undertaking reform. The ICRU also monitors the implementation of agreed changes, following up with both public and private sector parties to ensure that appropriate outcomes are achieved. In circumstances where the public sector agency is considered to be not proceeding with the agreed changes in the manner that was anticipated, the ICRU has the option of bringing this problem to the notice of the ICR Coordination Committee