Mr. Habib Gilani has 25 years of experience in the Pakistan Administrative Services, working in the provinces of Punjab and Balochistan, the Federal Government and abroad.

At the policy level, Mr Gilani has worked as Deputy Secretary in Ministry of Commerce in the Federal Government and dealt with issues related to international trade and export promotion. The scope of work included analysis of regulatory framework, issues related to Afghan Transit Trade, bilateral and multi-lateral trade negotiations, tariffs and non-tariff barriers, formulation of trade policy and preparing country-specific and sector-specific reports.

He also assisted the WTO Mission of Pakistan in Geneva by conducting analysis of the negotiating proposals submitted in WTO. In addition to that, he helped in revision of laws related to IPR protection in Pakistan.

Mr. Gilani also headed the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade’s (PBIT) Facilitation Department from 2010 to 2013. It was an assignment covering day-to-day management and long-term policy initiatives. To his credit, he also organized the first business delegation led by the Chief Minister, Punjab to Turkey and organized Pakistan Turkey investment conference in Istanbul. He also organized Pakistan Investment Conference in Dubai headed by the Chief Minister, Punjab.

From 2016 until recently, Mr Gilani worked as Managing Director of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Islamabad, and during that period he launched scholarships for children of overseas Pakistanis and improved the educational standards of the OPF schools & colleges. He was also responsible for improving the financial discipline and transparency in the OPF.