Geo-Strategic Location

Pakistan connects Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East and China through land and sea routes. Its unique location makes it an obvious choice for production and distribution facilities for region-wide trade. With CPEC and construction of the Gwadar Port, distance and travel time for goods sent from China to the Middle East and Europe will drastically reduce.

Market of 190 million

Pakistan is a consumer society with a market of 190 million and a vibrant middle class product. Most of the population live in urban centers having high marginal propensity to consume (MPC), striving for high mass consumption and better living standards, with increasing demand for food commodities and high quality finished/value added products.

Young, Educated and Skilled Population

The youth accounts for 36 percent of Pakistan’s population. The young people are highly educated, technically skilled and proficient in English. Pakistan, therefore, has a skilled and semi-skilled labour in services, retail manufacturing sectors especially in automation, agriculture, textiles and information technology.

Investment Friendly Regime

Pakistan offers an investment friendly regime with high ease of doing business, tax reduction, tax holidays and special economic zones. The government is in the process of further relaxing the investment regime. There are no limits on inflow or outflow of investment capital or dividend and foreign investors can repatriate their entire profit. As a result multiple multinationals have continued to invest heavily in Pakistan.

Stable Political Environment

The stability in the political environment provides an ideal environment for investment in Pakistan. Low-cost Labour Compared to other developing countries in the region, labour costs in Pakistan are very low and competitive.

Low-cost Labour

Compared to other developing countries in the region, labour costs in Pakistan are very low and competitive.

Stable Capital Market

Pakistan ranked 3rd in 2014 amongst the top 10 best performing capital markets in the world for the third consecutive year. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)-100 Index generated a return of 31 percent for investors in year 2014.

Vibrant Financial Institutions

Pakistan has vibrant and stable financial markets managed by national and international financial institutions under the overall supervision of State Bank of Pakistan. This year State Bank of Pakistan has reduced the policy rate by cumulative 300 bps to 7 percent which is the lowest rate in 42 years reflecting improved macroeconomic conditions.

Transport, Infrastructure and Communication

There is a well-established transport and communication network throughout the country. As CPEC develops, this network is poised to further expand. Over the past decade teledensity has shown remarkable rise covering 75.2 percent of the population. With 3G and 4G spectrum, the cellular services are state of the art which provides an impressive environment for doing business in Pakistan.